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Individual Defense

Criminal proceedings conducted against individuals require the focus on an efficient defense strategy from the outset. The aim of our defense is the successful outcome of the proceedings by the earliest possible time. The close personal support of the affected individual and the safeguarding of his/her rights in each stage of the proceedings are our special concern, which we always pursue with our full commitment.

Representation of Business Entities

Businesses are frequently in the focus of attention of the investigation authorities due to actual or alleged offenses of their employees. In such cases, we defend the rights of the business vis-à-vis the authorities, provide support for the internal assessment, and coordinate the defense. The aim is to avoid or minimize sanctions as well as to protect the reputation of our clients.

In the event of international investigations against corporations doing business on a global scale, we obtain the support of our cooperation partners abroad.

Criminal Compliance

The lawyers of SvS boast many years of experience in preventive advice on criminal issues for businesses. We support compliance officers in their analysis and avoidance of risks of a criminal law and administrative offenses law nature, as well as the definition and implementation of compliance measures.

SvS trains employees on a regular basis raising their awareness for the area of compliance.

Another focus is the search management, i.e. the preparation of written guidelines, the explanation of the rights in an event of search, as well as the support provided in a search situation.

Representation of Aggrieved Parties

SvS supports aggrieved businesses and individuals in making use of their options in criminal proceedings. In addition to the drafting and placing of criminal complaints, this includes the application for inspection of records as well as the sustained communication with the prosecuting agencies. In cases where it is appropriate, the lawyers of SvS represent aggrieved parties as joint plaintiffs in court.

Cross-Border Criminal Defense

Representation of affected persons in cross-border criminal proceedings implies special challenges to the defense, which can be met in close coordination with specialized foreign colleagues only. The lawyers of SvS have profound knowledge in the field of cross-border defense and are in the position to resort to a network of foreign colleagues in the most important jurisdictions at any time in order to defend the affected persons in an optimum manner and taking into consideration all the domestic and foreign legal issues.